Blues in E

by Griff

If you ever go to an open jam session, or even just get together with some friends once in a while, the time will come when everyone sits around looking at each other….

“What do you want to play?”

“I dunno what do you want to play?”

“Do you know, (insert song here)?”

“No, how about ….”

And so it continues.When all else fails, as it will very soon, someone always says “let’s just play blues in e.” What that means is, “you play rhythm while I solo, then I’ll play rhythm while you solo if you want.”

So what exactly is this mysterious song “Blues in E?” It’s just a common pattern that seems to be everywhere you go. It’s been handed down generations and now I’m passing it on to you.

Once you get the idea, try to play along

Downloads (as always… right click on the name and choose “save target as” or something similar)

  • Ipod version of the play along video
  • WMV version of the play along video
  • MP3 of the play along (audio only)
  • PDF of the TAB for the song

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