It’s just not my thing…

by Griff

There are a lot of musical styles out there…. a LOT (check out this wikipedia article if you don’t believe me.)

While that’s cool and all, you’ve probably never heard of most of them, and you probably never will. And that’s totally cool. You’re here because you want to play the blues. And if you’re reading the stuff on this blog in general, you’re pretty new to the guitar and still have a long way to go.

So you might wonder why things like “The Most Popular Strum In The World” matter to you. After all, it doesn’t sound very “bluesy.”The fact of the matter is that many guitar techniques… especially at the early stages are the same across all styles of music. And in many cases there are basic things you have to learn and they may not apply to the music that you will eventually play.

BUT… those things that may not be necessary for you to play the blues now, will make it possible for you to learn the things you will need to play blues later. Make sense?

Learning the strum and keep a solid pace and good time is paramount to all styles of music. It’s the single most overlooked element of playing guitar. And it’s what lessons like “The Most Popular Strum In The World” are all about.

But if you can’t do that strum, how are you ever going to do a more difficult rhythm like an SRV Pride & Joy style rhythm?

So while most of the lessons I send out are as “bluesy” as I can make them, don’t ignore the ones that might not sound quite as steeped in that tradition. It’s better to learn everything the right way and in the right order.

Something to think about for you…

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