The “Sitting Easy Blues”

by Griff

I’ve really been looking forward to this one. Here we’re going to put it all together into a fun little “playing on the porch” style tune.

Grab your guitar, and watch the first video. This is an introduction and we’ll play through it really slowly.

This video is 8 minutes long, a little longer than the ones before it. If you have trouble with it playing through all the way, hit the refresh button on your browser (usually F5) and wait about 5 minutes before pushing the play button.

If you need to download the video, remember to right-click the link below the video for the type you want and choose “Save As…” or “Save Target As…” from the menu that pops up. Choose a place on your computer (the Desktop works well) to save the file. Once it has finished saving (this might take several minutes depending on your connection speed) you can play it from your Desktop (or whever you saved it) and it will play instantly without jumps or pauses.


  • IPOD version of the intro video
  • WMV version of the intro video
  • PDF of the TAB

Once you have a feel for it, try playing along with this video


  • IPOD version of the play-along
  • WMV version of the play-along
  • PDF of the TAB
  • Audio version of the play-along

As always, leave me your comments and questions below. Good luck!

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